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Why stop the spin?
Each year, natural disasters kill 250,000 people and cause billions of dollars in property damage.

What causes bad weather and natural disasters?  The spin of the earth. Wind, rain, snow, hail, floods, drought, hurricanes, tornados, and lightening are all caused by temperature (and pressure) differences in the earth's atmosphere. These are caused by the earth's spin.

The earth's spin in quickening. The earth takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to revolve around the sun. This number has increased from a 'more round' number - (likely, 300). Julius Caesar was the first to notice this problem. He compensated for it by introducing the leap year (he defined the year as 365 days, with one "leap day" added every four years). The earth's spin directly affects its revolution around the sun. A quick analogy to a bicycle: The spinning wheels on a bike resist the downward force of gravity, allows us to stay upright. Similarly, the faster the earth spins, the more resistance it has against the sun's pull. Therefore the time of revolution has increased due to the earth's faster spin. The bible has further evidence of this: Abraham lived to be 175 years old and Methuselah (the oldest man in the bible, lived to be 969 years old). Did they really live that long? Unlikely. The explanation is simple: the length of a year used to be significantly shorter. Because of the earth's increasing rate of spin, the length of a year has become longer.

The earth will eventually throw us off. Consider what happens if you place a coin on the outside of a stopped record and then turn on the record player. Because of centrifugal force, the coin flies off. The earth's spin is quickening and, similar to the spinning record, all things on the surface of the earth will soon be flung off.

Stopping the spin of the earth has innumerable benefits:

  1. Prevent the earth from murdering any more people

  2. Stop the crazy weather patterns. Get rid of El Nino, draught, flooding, and other weather disasters. Prevent the earth from throwing us off (as described above.)

  3. No more unexpected weather

  4. Bad weather affects everyone often disrupting important events. Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sports games, and even space shuttle launches are susceptible to bad weather. If the spin of the earth (and the atmosphere) was stopped, there would be no sudden weather changes. In fact, the weather would never change.

  5. Imagine buying a home with the perfect climate

  6. You know the saying -- "Location, Location, Location."   Like hot humid weather? Or do you prefer cold dry weather? Because the weather would never change, you could choose a home in a location with your favorite climate.
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